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As of September, we have re-opened with some provisions to maintain the safety of the public. You should attend the clinic wearing an appropriate face covering and our staff will be wearing all recommended PPE throughout your consultation and treatment.

Not necessarily. This depends on the treatment option you choose following consultation.

As Botulinum Toxin is a prescribed medication, you must first be assessed by our medical prescriber. Once satisfied that the treatment is safe, a prescription is made, the injection is ordered and a seperate appointment will be made for the procedure to go ahead.

Please note a £30 deposit is required for the prescription (this contributes towards the full treatment cost).

We take before and after pictures for all our treatments. For more invasive treatments we offer follow-up appointments

Our clinic is currently located in central Huddersfield with excellent access and parking facilities available. We are looking to expand our services in the West Yorkshire region in the coming future.

Unfortunately we cannot provide any treatments or consultations outside the clinic at this time.

We use a range of FDA approved fillers. Most commonly used fillers are the Juvederm® range, Belotero, Restylane and Teoxane.

Fillers typically last between 6-12 months depending on the type used.

Fillers usually consist of Hyaluronic acid which is produced and eliminated naturally by the body. Factors such as metabolic rate, genetics and activity levels can affect the duration of effect.

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